Vision, mission and values

What's important to us in our work

EDI Vision

Create a positive impact on people’s lives through the provision of world class research services, tools and innovations that enable better decision making from global to household level.

EDI Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading research company focused on the provision of world class services, tools and innovations that enable the collection, analysis and use of high quality data. We aim to facilitate more accurate, informed and timely decisions to be made that can create a positive impact on people’s lives around the world. We strive to push the frontiers of information provision by combining academic rigour, commercial acumen and flexible cutting-edge design and technology utilising methodologies that ensure value for money for our clients. The cornerstone of our work is our continued combination of international best practice with regional and local expertise. In everything we do we seek to provide opportunities for growth and enrichment for our employees, shareholders, clients and the communities in which we operate.

Our Culture and Values

EDI prides itself on its culture of inclusivity creating a ‘family-orientated’, committed and empowered culture for our staff to thrive in. Our culture extends to our clients, consortium partners and other stakeholders who we welcome as diverse members of our ‘extended family’. Our values mean that we constantly strive to:

Deliver quality in all we do:

We deliver quality and this underpins all our activities across the group. The impact of our work, directly or indirectly, will be felt by people and communities for some time so we ensure we deliver the best quality possible in our every action and expect likewise from our partners.

Ensure sustainable growth:

We have always grown organically from a strong foundation; this reflecting the nature of our ownership. Our activities deliver positive outcomes to the various stakeholders involved and this ultimately defines our success. Such success should be reflected in clear, sustained growth of our activities, our people and eventually to the benefits accrued to our shareholders.

Place the highest value on our staff:

We have the strongest regard for our staff as individuals and as a team. We are honest, fair and show respect in all that we do and we care for our staff, their families and the wider community in which they live. We ensure a positive and professional work environment and expect the highest levels of integrity and loyalty whilst not losing the element of fun that we encourage throughout the group.

Pursue innovation:

We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our research methods and tools are reviewed and developed to foster innovation through our unique offering and expertise. We recruit people of the highest calibre and actively encourage the input of new ideas to ensure we remain at the forefront of research.

Build strong relationships and long-term collaboration:

We blend academic rigour and commercial reality into a powerful, quality offering. Working in long term collaboration with external partners delivers the benefits of expertise and learning to further strengthen these aspects of our work whilst ensuring an open, accountable, honest and trusting collaborative environment for everyone. Personal development is actively encouraged and best practise is shared.

Embrace local community involvement:

We are special because of our local knowledge. Our activities must, however, enrich the lives of those from within the communities in which we operate. We do this through considered, fair and transparent dealings with all stakeholders whilst remaining ever respectful of others.

Work our hardest to eliminate poverty:

Our works brings us face-to-face with poverty, in all its guises, on a daily basis. We see the damage to peoples’ lives that this brings and, whilst we cannot eradicate this alone, we most certainly can play our collective part in aspiring to do so as individual and corporate citizens of the world. Therefore we will prioritise activities that positively impact upon this over those which do not.