Surveybe were proud to attend the recent CSAE 2015 conference at St. Catherines College, University of Oxford.

This annual gathering of some of the worlds’ most recognised researchers highlighted the quality of research being conducted across Africa.  The EDI group have the unique position of being involved in the design and implementation of such projects through our East African operations whilst also providing a range of surveybe software and services to other researchers in Africa and beyond to ensure that we best facilitate the highest standards of data collection possible.  Indeed it was pleasing for us to note some presentations given by researchers who had deployed surveybe on their projects – and to be complimented for such great work.

Interest in the continual development and advancement of surveybe was high – especially as we provided delegates with a sneak preview of our forthcoming release of surveybe that includes cascading ID’s, permits the pre-population of data at all levels of the questionnaire and culminates in significantly reduced SQL syntax requirements which opens up a range of new research possibilities.

Excitingly we also showcased the Surveybe ‘Data browser’ which allows for access straight to the underlying database within the Surveybe Designer allowing for the querying of reference tables and interview data and the checking of SQL syntax in the most efficient fashion.

data browser example