Surveybe In Brief

Research experience fuels our software innovation

Surveybe provides users with all the tools they need to design electronic CAPI questionnaires and collect and export analysis-ready data. Surveybe has been built to support the design and implementation of both simple linear surveys and large scale complex surveys containing multiple linked instruments and using previous data from longitudinal or panel surveys. Surveybe specialises in providing multi-roster (matrix) functionality, multi-language capabilities, the ability for users to define both simple and complex logical skip and routing patterns, validation rules and numerous question and response options.

Surveybe solutions allow you to:

Design as many questionnaires as you wish without restriction on size or number

Share and update questionnaire templates with other users

Use external data or lists as a reference or validation source using simple .csv files

Select a broad range of response types including text, integer, multi-response, image, time stamp and more

Conduct your survey on as many ‘units’ as you wish without additional charge

Conduct as many interviews and collect as much data as you wish during your license period

Safely collect your data with auto-save & back-up functions and instant encryption

Create questionnaires in multiple languages (Latin and non-Latin) & switch between languages during the interview

Use the Auto-import functions to gain speedy (near-time) access to completed interviews

Export your data in .csv files or already labelled and ready for analysis in or SPSS files