Twaweza Follow Up Survey

Project Timing

March – June 2015


Citizen Agency, Education, Health, Water




Twaweza East Africa

Current Status



In 2015 EDI worked with Twaweza to conduct a follow-up survey across 25 regions of Tanzania after their original  2011 collaboration with Amsterdam Institute of International Development (AIID) which involved a nationally-representative baseline survey of 2500 households throughout Tanzania on indicators related to citizen agency and government responsiveness in the education, health and water sectors as part of the evaluation of Twaweza’s first strategic period (2009-2014).

Additional surveys were conducted in the 250 communities where the households were located at schools and health facilities, and with village leadership. EDI has completed the follow up survey which involves a re-visit to the 2,500 households included in the baseline and re-survey of the schools, health facilities, and communities in the same 250 villages.