Transport Sector Project Evaluation

Project Timing

April – October 2019






Mathematica on behalf of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Tanzania (GoT)

Current Status



In 2008, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Tanzania (GoT) looked to reduce poverty through economic growth by making strategic investments in infrastructure under the Transportation, Energy, and Water Sector Projects.

Aim: To increase cash crop revenue and aggregate tourism spending through four activities:

1) Upgrade three mainland trunk roads, for a total of 473 kilometers in improved roadway;

2) Upgrade 35 kilometers of rural roads on Pemba Island;

3) Build the capacity of national and Zanzibar regional roads maintenance entities;

4) Upgrade the Mafia Island Airport runway and taxiway.

Mathematica Policy Research and its partners conducted an economic analysis and evaluation of the transportation activities. Stakeholders began to recognise that regular maintenance is critical to sustaining the life of newly rehabilitated roads and that assumptions about local resources and capacity available to conduct this maintenance may need more thorough analysis to ensure that the benefits of the roads are realised in the short and long terms.

EDI’s responsibilities for this project was to collect data on roads users.  The scope covers one round of traffic count data (with option for second round), a vehicle intercept survey, road condition video capture, and focus group discussions along the roads that were upgraded with funding from the Tanzania compact. Data collection will occur along road segments in Rukwa, Mbeya, Ruvuma, Tanga regions and Pemba.

Data was collected on: 

    • Travel patterns of road users;

    • Public transportation options;

    • Freight transportation options;

    • Satisfaction with transportation options;

    • Transportation costs;

    • Access and travel time to markets and social services;

    • Perceptions of road maintenance including participation in maintenance activities.