Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE)

Project Timing



Health, Social Welfare, Impact Evaluations, Education


Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal and Rwanda


Overseas Development Initiative (ODI) on behalf of DFID

Current Status



Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE), is an exciting, nine-year, multi-country longitudinal research initiative working in the Global South which aims to strengthen the evidence base on adolescent girls – as individuals and as future women– to maximise their capabilities and shape their own futures.  GAGE research will focus on what policies and programmes work, where and why. It will identify the medium and long-term impact of interventions for girls, and ascertain how best to time and sequence those interventions.

The consortium, including Economic Development Initiatives (EDI) Limited as a consortium partner, will produce a global body of evidence, based on data gathered through innovative approaches over a sustained period which will go beyond current frameworks to advance the well-being of adolescent girls.

We will undertake an in-depth, mixed-methods programme of longitudinal research in four focal countries in Africa and Asia, balancing a mix of ‘gold standard’ impact evaluation approaches with innovative implementation and action research.  EDI will provide expertise in the development and configuration of the data collection instruments and fieldwork protocols.  We will lead training sessions in country and help to guide the consortium through the data collection phases using our powerful, sophisticated surveybe software.

The EDI data hub will be responsible for data processing and data cleaning as data is collected in all four countries.  Our team will liaise closely with local country partners to identify and resolve data queries in near-time.  Finally, EDI will provide the consortium partners with the final dataset by country for analysis.

EDI responsibilities include:

  • Questionnaire configuration;
  • Field testing;
  • Training on field protocols, data collection instruments and methodologies plus the deployment of surveybe in each country;
  • Data processing for all raw data;
  • Effective delivery of quality control activities to ensure the quality of data.


Development and configuration of the survey instruments has been completed for Ethiopia.  Training was delivered in August 2017 and field teams in Ethiopia are currently collecting data.  The EDI team conducted training on the survey instruments for Bangladesh in December 2017 as well as configuring the questionnaires and preparing field protocols. Activities for the remaining countries will get underway in 2018.

The project is being managed by ODI (Overseas Development Institute) who also host the project website for more information: