Evaluation of MCC Energy Project

Project Timing

April – December 2015


Infrastructure: Energy





Current Status



The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) aims to improve living standards and reduce poverty through economic growth. The Government of Tanzania received a grant from MCC to advance economic growth and reduce poverty through investments in energy infrastructure. The short-term objectives of this project were to improve the quality and increase the quantity of electricity to enterprises and households in order to increase investment potential.

The project components to be evaluated include the following:
1) Transmission and distribution systems rehabilitation and extension activity (T&D activity)
2) The financing scheme initiative (FS initiative)
3) Kigoma Solar Activity

The T&D and FS initiatives were rolled out in 7 study regions: Dodoma, Iringa, Kigoma, Mbeya, Morogoro, Mwanza and Tange, while the Kigoma Solar Activity was exclusive to Kigoma.

EDI conducted a follow-up survey of 11,000 households in 7 regions to assess the impact of this project


The final report was published on 30th March 2017 and EDI was acknowledged for their contribution to the project.

“At follow-up, EDI did an exemplary job finding our baseline sample, enhancing our survey instrument, and producing a high-quality dataset. Our primary contact was Amy Kahn. She was joined by a team with great depth including Respichius D. Mitti, Deo Medardi, Bhoke Munanka, Abraham Ngowi, Mark Johnson, and Matthew Wiseman. Joachim de Weerdt co-founded EDI and helped us make contact with his colleagues”

You will find the key findings and project information online or you can download the full report.