Group History

Our story so far...

EDI was first established in 2002, on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Bukoba, Tanzania by Louise and Joachim.  Since then EDI has grown to a globally respected research house, known for its high emphasis on quality and rigorous techniques, with 3 locations in Africa and Europe, and employing over 200 staff.

Over the years we have been involved in many impact evaluations of important government and donor programmes including use of randomised control trials, and conducted survey methodology experiments, longitudinal studies, student testing, biomedical data collection and water-testing. Our high-quality data have become the preferred building blocks of policy analysts developing suitable policies and strategies to assist with poverty reduction.

We have always strived for excellence and an outstanding level of quality in the work that we do.  This focus on quality, propelled us to find better and more efficient ways of collecting more accurate data.  In 2007, we established EDI UK and we began to develop our own unique and innovative data-collection software, surveybespecifically tailored towards the needs of rigorous data-collection in developing countries with limited communication networks and limited IT expertise.   By the start of 2015, surveybe had been used in around 50 countries worldwide, impacting positively on the quality of data that is being used to inform policy or programmatic decisions globally.

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Local Expertise – International Product

Despite EDI’s growth and expansion, we still wanted to keep the headquarters of our survey and research operations in Bukoba where we employ upwards of 150 local staff, providing great career opportunities, and make sure we remain at the heart of rural Africa and keep a focus on what really matters in the local context.