Emma Cazou

Last week, I joined EDI Global as an Assistant Research Officer. Recently graduated in development economics in France, I’m really excited to start this new experience at EDI Global as I’m building my career in applied research in developing countries.

Previously, thanks to my training in the Centre for research and studies in international development (CERDI), I have acquired knowledge of developing countries’ issues. I have always shown a keen interest in topics related to development economics (such as education or health) and have a strong interest in quantitative analysis. Since my bachelor, I knew that I wanted to do applied research: working on a project with a scientific approach has always been in a corner of my head.  But it’s only after completing a field mission in a developing country, that my interest in data collection increased. I worked on a project on tourism development in Togo with the NGO COMINTES where my role was to implement and manage a survey about local infrastructure. Before joining EDI Global, I also took part in a six-month internship program with the French National Institute of Research in Science and Technologies for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA). I conducted a study on the impact of broadband technologies on the job market and firms among different territories, completing tasks from literature review to data processing on Stata. This experience gave me an initial insight on the profession in economic research.

But, as I am interested in research, I had the feeling that the academic environment wasn’t for me. Indeed, I was looking for a high pace environment where I can mix research and project management. So, when I heard about EDI Global, I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. Working for such an independent research and data collection company, whose ideas on international development I share, is really motivating. I chose EDI Global because its aims is to provide high quality data, which represents foundation to any solid project. The reputation of EDI Global relies on the high understanding of the importance of data quality in research and always aim to mobilise all the possible resources and  tools to succeed. By having an office in Tanzania, the understanding of different issues related to development countries is easier and it gives legitimacy to their work. I also chose them because I was really impressed by the ethical principles on which EDI Global is founded.

I have just arrived at EDI global and I’m delighted to begin working here with professional researchers and a team with such different backgrounds and skills. After being aware of all the ongoing projects of EDI Global during my induction, my interest is confirmed. Being at EDI Global is a real opportunity for me, both at the human and the professional level.