We are pleased to announce that all of our key research personnel have now completed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research training course “Protecting Human Research Participants“.

At EDI research ethics are of paramount importance to our core business operations.  Given that the majority of data we collect is provided by people, including individuals and families from vulnerable groups, then we are committed to complying with local statutory requirements and international best practice to ensure the highest level of protection for study participants.  This means keeping up to date with new regulations and enrolling on courses for researchers involved in the design and implementation of human subject research.

According to NIH this particular course is “…designed to prepare investigators…to understand their obligations to protect the rights and welfare of subjects in research. The course material presents basic concepts, principles, and issues related to the protection of research participants.”

NGOs, universities, development agencies and private sector organisations are recognising their compliance obligations with increased emphasis on protection for human subjects in research and so EDI stands in good stead having ensured our staff meet policy requirements.

Henry Cust who works in the EDI Research Team commented “The NIH course was informative and encouraged us to consider our research methods more carefully, particularly around obtaining consent.  Ultimately we are practitioners and implementers of policies in this area and as a quality-driven organisation we are proud to set our standards as high as possible.”

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