Dan Bunter

My name is Dan Bunter and last week I joined EDI’s research team as an Assistant Research Officer. Having been part of small-scale impact evaluation studies in previous roles in the UK and Sri Lanka, the appeal of working with EDI Global is the opportunity to work on larger scale, complex research projects with clients from influential international development organisations and institutions.

EDI is “Global” in name, and global in nature. I am fortunate to be part of an international team of researchers who have worked all-round the world in a variety of different research contexts. This breadth of experience is something I am very much looking forward to be engaging with, as I seek to develop my own research and project management skills in the role.

I have recently returned from a research period in Eastern Sri Lanka.  Between May and August 2019, I conducted research for my Master’s thesis that examined links between social capital and work preferences of preschool mothers in regions that were affected by the Sri Lankan civil war. I used a quantitative survey, discrete choice experiment and focus groups to collect the data used for analysis. For the remainder of the time, I provided Monitoring and Evaluation consultancy to Ocean Stars Lanka, an early years education NGO, before returning to the UK.

During my two-week induction programme at EDI I have learnt all about EDI’s project cycle and procedures towards collecting data as well in-depth tutorials on using the Surveybe software. EDI’s level of detail and quality control during the project cycle is fantastic and I am in no doubt that the data we collect on behalf of clients is rigorous, robust and ready to help inform policy decisions.

The processes required to ensure the delivery of high-quality data are numerous, complex and, at times, not prioritised in the international development research community. Having focused more in-depth on data analysis during my Master’s degree in Impact Evaluation for International Development at the University of East Anglia (MSc), I am excited to implement EDI’s approach to data collection and to contribute towards achieving effective policy-making.

I look forward to starting project work and meeting EDI’s fantastic Tanzanian team!