EDI boasts a rather unique and powerful proposition across its activities; from academic level research to software development and implementing large-scale data collection projects to training on electronic questionnaire design EDI delivers expertise and genuine quality.

Much of what we do relies upon the pioneering approach and replicable successes of our methodologies of other areas of our business and hence, EDI have operated as a ‘family’ of organisations and entities.  Each are distinct and yet interwoven to build upon the work of the other for continual improvement; operating in such a way brings many synergies from which we and our clients benefit.

EDI Tanzania country director presenting

Strategising for these separate elements of the wider EDI family is an intriguing, exciting and somewhat challenging process.  Recently the key personnel from both the UK and Tanzania spent a few days together in a formal yet relaxed strategic planning process to deepen the benefits that our unique set-up affords us.  We have determined that EDI should increase the formality of the links between the EDI component units to create the EDI group of companies.

This arrangement will better define our corporate alliances and help convey our entire offering to the world of data collection.  Our group vision succinctly expresses what the EDI group of companies strive to do:

Create a positive impact on people’s lives through the provision of world class research services, tools and innovations that enable better decision making from global to household level.