Author: Dr Johanna Choumert-Nkolo, Gabriela Santana Taver, Prakhar Saxena

EDI Global has a long-standing tradition of partnerships with academic institutions, from research collaborations to delivering courses to graduate students. We are associated partners of the GLODEP consortium, a two-year Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree in development studies. For this partnership, our Director of Research, Dr. Johanna Choumert-Nkolo, delivers a yearly course on survey methodology to both GLODEP students and students of the master’s in development economics at the University of Clermont Auvergne (UCA) in France. These programs (taught in English) offer unique perspective into development studies as they feed upon the unique synergies between the research undertaken by its professors at the Center for Studies on International Development (or CERDI by its acronyms in French) and the involvement of key actors in the development sector. Thus, students at UCA obtain an education born out of the perfect marriage between development theories, technical rigor, and policy-relevance.

EDI Global goes a step further in this educational synergy with our internship program. Throughout the internship, students obtain an in-depth view into the survey implementation process, from survey design to data analysis, and contribute on key tasks of the multiple teams involved.

This year we are delighted to host two students from the master’s in development economics.

Gabriela Santana Tavera is an MSc student in Development Economics at UCA and Gottingen University. Deeply curious about the underlying causes of economic growth, she worked on multiple research projects within the public sector, non-profits, and universities across Europe and the Dominican Republic. She decided to join the internship program due to the diversity of topics and projects managed at EDI Global. From Agricultural Economics to Early Child Development, EDI Global offers a unique perspective into economic development through the lens of high-quality data collection. This internship experience helps further her interests in the survey implementation process for well-informed policymaking.

Prakhar Saxena is an MSc student in Development Economics at UCA. He is devoted to understanding social development challenges and utilising research to enhance the lives of the poor populations. Before starting his graduate education, he has gained a multi-sectoral experience of 5 years in India with research institutions, governments, social entrepreneurs and non-profits. He decided to join EDI Global as we share a common vision of utilising evidence to address development issues. Moreover, EDI Global has world-class standards in data collection and conducting research, and this internship experience will help him gain superior data collection, analysis and project management skills.