qualified as accountant

Scenes of jubilation followed the graduation ceremony of Mr. Chobaliko Saddy, Assistant Finance Manager at EDI Tanzania, as he became fully qualified as a ‘Certified Public Accountant’ in Dar es Salaam.

Chobaliko has been wholly committed to achieving such professional standing for almost three years – managing to combine his professional work and study time through a quiet determination to succeed.  Passing the final examinations, set by ‘The National Board of Accountants and Auditors’ (NBAA), allowed for the celebrations to commence.

Chobaliko expressed his delight at the fruition of his efforts:  “I am thrilled to have become certified as an accountant.  This has been a long term career goal of mine and to be able to enjoy the graduation with my family here today goes some way to thanking them for their support over the last three years as they have had to accommodate the hours of study I have undertaken into their lives too.”

Jpeg  c-saddy-certificate

Whilst standing outside the graduation ceremony venue at NBAA headquarters, Chobaliko also paid tribute to his employers “I must also thank the directors at EDI for providing me with financial assistance and study leave time over the period that has enabled me to achieve this feat.  What’s more, without them I wouldn’t have been able to stand here today wearing my mortar board and gown.  I thank, in particular, my mentor at EDI Tanzania, our Finance Director, Mr. Aris Mgohamwende for all his guidance and help.”

Chobaliko’s success earned high praise from EDI Country Director, Mr. Respicious Mitti, who said:  “We are all delighted that Chobaliko has successfully qualified as a Certified Public Accountant.  EDI have a proud record of financial probity and excellence, as evidenced by the awards we have received from the tax authorities in recent years, and with the increase in the skills and capacity of our finance team as shown through his graduation today Chobaliko will help ensure that we continue to do so into the future.  He should be congratulated for maintaining his commitment to the qualification whilst contributing fully to the financial operations of the company.  Well done.”