About Us

Founded in 2002, EDI Global is a research and data collection house with operations in Tanzania, Uganda, and the UK.

EDI Global provides our partners with the accurate, informed and timely evidence they need to address critical international development issues through the provision of high quality research and data collection offerings that combine our strengths in academic rigour, innovative design, commercial acumen and cutting-edge technology.

We offer support in every aspect of the research cycle including survey design, data collection, data analysis and dissemination.  We have 19 years’ experience managing and conducting large-scale surveys covering large sample groups using both in-person and remote data collection approaches.

Our team has wide-ranging quantitative and qualitative data collection expertise including the design and implementation of surveys of schools, youth, households, vulnerable groups, facilities, communities, government officials and private companies.

EDI Global is an independent operating subsidiary of Mathematica Inc.